The purpose of our life on Earth

The purpose of our life on Earth

From the book The Mind Shaman  –

“Let’s talk about the purpose of life on Earth. One day God decided to transform a gloomy kingdom populated by primitive spirits, ignorant and vicious, into his kingdom of Angels. A kingdom lightened by the purest essence of love, populated by Angelic free spirits fully trained, holding universal knowledge and wisdom, the perfect representation of God itself. To make this possible, God created matter, building and organizing a material universe as a learning ground for Angels in training, engineering each galaxy, star, and planet as well as each form of material, time, and life to fulfill specific learning stages and needs.

“A material bubble built within the spiritual world, where spirits will enter and exit numerous times during their course of their training—like students in a huge campus. A material cosmos always in motion, built within a concept of space and time. Space and time are new elements (unknown in the spiritual world), which are now built into the world of matter to promote cycles of evolution. Cycles built on timelines are able to offer well defined learning cycles to spirits in training. Then the school of Angels began. New raw spirits initiated a long and complex journey of evolution made of awareness, knowledge, and free choices through different forms of life, times, and material environments. Each step, each life, and the experiences of each learning cycle were carefully planned by the law of Karma. Time was not an issue and no shortcuts were allowed. Today some of these spirits are already Angels, some are only starting, and some, like us, are working hard, through a challenging series of reincarnations to become Angels ourselves.

“What happens after we become Angels? I asked the same question to my Spiritual Teacher a long time ago, after receiving a wonderful lecture about the spiritual world. The answer was short and frustrating but taught me an important lesson: Try to understand only what your mind is able to understand. Your human mind can only comprehend the laws of matter and the concept of space and time that goes with it; those do not exist in the spiritual world. I explained to you some of the basics of God’s plan and the world of spirits with terms that you can absorb, but I can’t enlighten you more without bringing to you doubts and confusion as well. Keep your thoughts focused, for the rest of your human life, on what is in your power to understand. Life on Earth is complicated enough to waste time on something that you already know and that you will know again.

“The Teacher was referring to knowledge and awareness already acquired by my spirit in past lives and in periods spent in between lives in the spiritual world. This memory goes into standby when we enter in a human body to avoid confusion. But as soon we exit the bubble of matter at the end of our physical life, all the past as well as the recently acquired knowledge, comes back to our awareness.

“A system within the system, a physical cosmos built within a spiritual environment. Two sets of parameters technically incompatible. How they do interact? This universe is a bubble made entirely by matter or physical energy, from the rocks to the light, from sounds to the atoms; even human feelings, love, thoughts, or prayers are measurable energies regulated by physical laws. It’s a closed system where nothing can be created and nothing can be destroyed, and every change or modification has to happen within the system. If not, the balance will be destroyed. It has been created as a utility for the spiritual world, built to provide a type of knowledge and awareness essential for our ‘Angel training.’ Therefore, it is built to reproduce all the conditions, energies, and emotions of the spiritual world. Although it is hard to believe it, the two systems are very similar in many aspects.

“A subtle and complex grid of laws and interfaces regulate the interaction between the two worlds. The one we better understand is reincarnation, where our spirit is allowed to own and use a physical body on planet Earth for a specific time, the time of a human life. Human reincarnations are really spiritual learning courses engineered as tailor-made experiences in a physical world. That’s why we receive a body and a mind at human birth, a sophisticated robotic system as a vehicle for a person’s spirit to live a life on Earth. This perfect life tool is an invaluable piece of equipment with amazing capacities and equipped with all that is required for the task.

“Each life on Earth is a further step in our spiritual evolution. A journey designed to provide us with the knowledge, control, and awareness of all the energies of the spiritual world. This long and challenging process gradually redirects our natures from dark, self-centered, egotistical takers to enlightened, unconditional givers, which is the nature of God itself. The world of matter has been created as a school where reincarnated spirits come to learn and master knowledge, emotions, and energies. Human life is like a series of university courses, where experiences are proposed again and again until that lesson is understood, a specific awareness is acquired, and the energy is mastered.” – The Mind Shaman p. 219-223

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