Education as a commodity – school upgraded from a boring obligation to a fun adventure

Education as a commodity – school upgraded from a boring obligation to a fun adventure

From the book The Mind Shaman part II –

“One of my hopes is that education will soon become a commodity. I wrote this concept in a business plan over twenty years ago that I sent around only in the hope to see it happen. At that time, there were much fewer digital tools, and today it can be done with far less resources. The idea is to have a communication software company, like Google, establish a new service for the US government, assemble a team of schoolteachers, learning experts, programmers, and digital game gurus to produce a standardized digital curriculum able to educate students from the first day of school to the last, of course with the choice of different modules according to the students’ skills and preferences as well as the local cultures. No more books. Every matter offered in the form of multimedia edutainment, which means captivating, fun, and interesting lessons. Fun, competitions, and incentives will make students learn fast and effectively.

“Teachers will become tutors, and students may remain in the same class from the first to the last year of school. Each student would be able to progress at their own speed and learning capability. The quality of the teaching would be of the best quality despite locations or parents’ income. If students can’t attend school or are stranded home for a while, they can carry on from home without interruption. One central server will serve all the public schools of the nation. This curriculum can then be exported to other countries either as commodity or as US educational support.

“This is a project that, if well funded, could be executed in a very short time since a large amount of the digital material required has already been produced and most kids are already equipped to learn on computers. I guess that the funds spent by the US government for one day of the latest Iraq war would be enough. The nation will finally be able to offer to the new generation the tools to succeed without the present discrimination created by income or locations, and school will be upgraded from a boring obligation to a fun adventure. It will have to happen one day. I just pray that it will happen soon. When this will be done, we will be able to include in the curriculum the tools to terminate codependency at puberty, offering all young adults the ability to use their teenage years to train their skills required to enter in the adults’ arena as planned by nature.”

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